September’s Focus is all about Mallorca and we are honoured to be working with Bodega Miquel Oliver….

Syrah? Fogoneu? Merlot? Muscat? Maybe it’s a wine made from one of these grapes that’s coursing through their veins. But after 100 years in the business, there is no doubt that they have a passion for wine in their blood.

Miquel and Pilar, the grandson and great-granddaughter of Melchor Oliver, represent the third and fourth generation of this winemaking family. Discovered in March at Prowein Evuna believes they are working hard every day to achieve a perfect harmony between past and present. The elements from the past on which we draw are the estate itself, the passion, the spirit, the commitment and of course the vines. The contributions made by the present are youthful dynamism, modern technology, innovation… and the wine itself.

Our Wine tasting is at Deansgate this month on 2nd october


Hasta Pronto

Evuna Team