An Alhambra experience

As soon as we arrived in Granada for our tour we were made to feel we are in Spain, of course for the sun, but especially for the warm welcome from Sole, our personal tour guide from Alhambra.

The city of Granada itself, has lots of interesting history, especially the Muslims who lived there for
thousand of years, the beautiful buildings they created as well as the stunning artwork they left behind, which is still present today.

But the most important and picturesque building of all is ‘La Alhambra’
(as you will have already spotted, Alhambra beers get their name from this building) ‘La Alhambra’ means the red one. Hence the latest beer added to the collection – Alhambra red.

The palace and fortress which was constructed in AD 889 is a must see! You will enjoy the amazing gardens full of aromatic roses and eye catching water features.  As well as the different structures inside, such as the Royal Complex, the Court of the Myrtles, the Hall of the ambassadors and the Court of the Lions.
(Be sure to book your tickets in advance as they have limited ticket sales per day)

During our trip to Granada we also visited lots of different bars.
What better way to spend the day, than chatting to the friendly staff and sampling different small tapas from each menu with every drink you order! I personally recommend trying Cervezas Alhambra. These bars are truly hidden gems, bustling with the noisy chatter of customers coming in and out all day long.

Next was tapas pairing with Alhambra Especial, Alhambra 1925 and Alhambra Rojas. Tapas can consist of anything from a bowl of olives to more elaborate dishes such as tortillas or meatballs.
The appeal of tapas, in my personal opinion, is the option to try lots of different dishes in one dining experience, which I believe makes it the success that it is, and of course to share with family and friends.  After all that is what dining is about!

Whilst we were there we learnt lots about each individual Alhambra beer and some relevant facts we were able to bring home and share with our customers.

For example each different Alhambra beer is recommended served at different temperatures  depending on different flavours in the beer itself and the tapas you are going to pair with it.

When I tasted Alhambra 1925 I was able to close my eyes and discover the perfect balance of a smooth bitter taste on the palate and the intense floral aromas on the nose.  Next time you are in Evuna – give this a try!

However if you prefer a more medium, intense beer I would recommend trying Alhambra Especial.
This 100% Spanish ingredients beer is stunningly delicate and extremely refreshing, again this beer is available in all our restaurants.

If like us, you find yourself in the South of Spain, take a while to visit Granada, enjoy the company of the locals, the stunning scenery and of course soak up the delightful gastronomy with an Alhambra beer (or few!)

Hasta Pronto Irenes (NQ Manager)


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