Independence Day Wine Tasting

Happy 4th of July! It was certainly a happy day for all our Evuna customers who attended our launch of Habla wine at the Deansgate branch of Evuna. One thing that always fascinates me about Spain is its diversity in both wine making and gastronomy and I suppose that is what keeps me motivated after 14 years of importing wines for Evuna in the UK.

And our latest find is no different….. Extremadura is a region west of Madrid and east of Portugal and as its latin name suggests ‘outmost hard’ and as with many areas of central Spain the summers are long and hot with extreme droughts. Ribera del Guadiana is Extremadura’s Denomination of Origin for wine. One of the newest D.O.s in Spain, it is synonymous with modern, high-quality wines that have developed their own character.
The region’s wineries have invested heavily in cutting-edge technology over the last few years. This has enabled them to produce fruit-driven wines and offer extraordinary value for money.

A new Jewel in Spain’s ever growing crown in my opinion and what a find we have with Bodegas Habla

Like many of our central Spanish wineries this bodegas focus is on non-indigenous grapes for its premium wines although they do produce a tempranillo ‘Habla de tierra’ great for easy drinking.

Ind_Day_blog_post_1Domingo from Habla made a special trip to visit us and share his passion for his wines in every way, and one thing that comes through immediately is the quality and innovation – not just in the wine but presentation and branding. Habla de silencio his second red with the name coming from Shakespeare as it takes its name from the famous saying ‘to speak of nothing’ or in modern day language there are no words needed for this lightly oaked blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo.

The white and rosé are very, very special and great for this time of the year, using 100% Sauvignon Blanc for the white and a blend of Syrah and Garnacha for this big powerful rose full of grapefruit aromas and a blast of fruits on the nose.

We have now listed the full range below and look forward to working with Habla for the future.


In / Out
HABLA de la Tierra – easy drinking Tempranillo £20.00 / £9.50
HABLA del Silencio – crianza style smooth blend £25.00 /£12.85
HABLA de Ti – Crisp fresh Sauvignon blanc £24.00 /£11.50
HABLA Rita. – Provence style fruit driven rosé £33.00 / £18.00
HABLA Nº 13. – Single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon £48.00 / £22.00
HABLA Nº 14. – Single vineyard Syrah £48.00 / £22.00

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