Some of our favourite wineries….

Bodegas Naveran and newcomer Bodegas Dominio De La Vega based in Valencia.

Most of us know that Cava is the Spanish Fizz used making the traditional method, where the bubbles are created during second fermentation that happens like ‘Champagne’ in the bottle on the lees. The lees in our opinion is what makes Cava so special. As they remain in the wine, the lees impart both flavor — that savory, yeasty, brioche-like quality — and creamy texture that increases over time. Even the most basic Cava must spend nine months ageing on the lees, meaning that it will likely have more non-fruit flavours and minerality. This differs to Prosecco where the bubbles are created in stainless steel vats with no lees resulting in a simple fruity sparkling wine.

But did you know the D.O of Cava is not just around the Barcelona area and around 5% of cavas are produced elsewhere such as Valencia and Rioja ?

On our wine list you will find our favourite Cavas from Bodegas Naveran and newcomer Bodegas Dominio De La Vega based in Valencia.


Dominio de la Vega


Bodegas Santalba

Family and Origin

SANTALBA, the bodega´s name, is a fusion of the first name and surname of its owner and founder: SANTIAGO IJALBA

With its experience accumulated since 1964 in the elaboration and breeding of great Rioja wines, Santiago Ijalba decided to launch his own personal project, Bodegas SANTALBA. Since then the Bodega has maintained an absolutely familiar character and has the support of her children, Roberto and Laura Ijalba Pérez, which combines the wine tradition of the family to which it belongs, with an international wine education.

Ancestral traditions and Modernity

Honesty, the best quality grapes, experience, knowledge and passion, passed down from previous generations, allow us to offer the finest wines to our clients.
Ecological grape-growing, continuous development through R&D&I, a sustainable system and the desire to hold onto the most genuine Riojan wine-making customs are what characterize and define Bodegas SANTALBA.

Vinos D.O.Ca. Rioja


Bodegas Sommos

Sommos winery has been designed by  the architect Jesús Marino Pascual.

It’s a project taken root into a land of vineyards in which steel cubes arise interlaced, providing to the winery the concept of cultural object.

Design and functionality:

The three halls of winemaking process. Production, cask hall and bottle rack, taking advantage of the thermal, light and acoustic conditions of his situation.

Radial form disposition placed around an artificial central lake, that allows to define the way  of the future growth of the winery to optimize the productive process.

The social and administrative spaces are situated on the junction of the three halls, composed by the association of tetrahedrons and octahedrons, provides a unique geometry.